Friday, October 9, 2009

Digital Scrap Booking

I have always been one for paper crafts. Making cards, scrap Booking and so much more, but recently I haven't been able to do it as much as I would like. Mostly because I don't have the space; recently though I have happen upon a solution to my problem of creative overload. Digital scrap booking, it is amazing and cheap. Everything is on the computer and it costs tons less then what I would be spending on paper materials. So its cost efficient and it take less time.

In the last four days I have made four pages. It would have taken me a month to get that far with all the mistakes that could have been made using paper. I am quickly learning that I might become addicted to it. Not that bad of an addition, since I have a million and one photos. putting them to good use in pretty lay outs sounds awesome. Another cool thing is that you can print off as many copies of one page as you want. So sharing is super easy. I LOVE IT!!

This is just a simple one that made
from a picture of Kristen and I.

These pictures are of Briana and Heidi at the Earl Brown Days fireworks, well during the day. I love how cute this is.

A page with pictures from pine city from
fourth of July 2009. Our fun at the beach.

And finally two cute pictures of Kristen,
Heidi and I when we were in Nashwak.

See it is awesome and fast. I am so happy that I found something to do with all these pictures. All of the elements of the pages were part of free kits from Shabby Princess. It’s a wonderful site I found, and all of the pages that I have made have been from their fee kits.

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